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October 17, 2017

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FRC 5518 TechnoWolves

Apex, NC

Formed 2015

Team Website
Twitter Handle - @technowolves
Instagram - @technowolves

The following information about the team was submitted by Taha Bokhari.

Share some of your team's highlights from this past seasons. What is the team most excited about for this upcoming season?

One of our team's greatest experiences was making it the 2016 World Championship in St. Louis. We had a ton of fun competing and meeting teams from around the world. This season, we are excited to be working on improving our building techniques, as well as experimenting with improved vision processing and learning about building a swerve drive.

Describe your team's build space. Does it have a name? What makes it special to the team? What are some unique features to your space?

Our team has unofficially named our workspace "the Den," because wolves live in dens and we are the Techno Wolves. We are constantly working on improving our workspace. For example, we recently set up pallet racks against one of the walls to keep large boxes or materials in order to prevent our workspace from getting cluttered.

Share some of your team's current or past challenges. How is the team working to overcome those challenges? Or what steps did the team take to overcome those challenges? 

In past years, we’ve had trouble keeping all of our events and ideas organized to avoid confusion or scheduling errors. This year, we’re working with some new tools as well as improving some old ones to make sure the team and community members are on the same page. Our team has used Trello in the past to keep track of our short-term and long-term goals. Although the cards and boards were a great way of organizing tasks, we had some trouble keeping the cards simple and updating the cards consistently. This year, we’ve overhauled our Trello organization to simplify the process and make sure that all our tasks are organized and on time. Another tool we use is Slack. Slack is a communication app that our team uses to send out team-wide announcements and hold conversations within divisions of our team.

Describe your team's culture. What are some of your team's values? How do you communicate your team's culture and values to new members of the team?

The Techno Wolves work hard over the seasons to make sure that all team member feel included. We strive to give new members an extensive training so that they aren’t left out and don’t feel useless during build season. Over time, all team members befriend each other - everyone on the team has a close relationship with everyone else, sort of like a large family. We hold events such as picnics and movie nights so everyone can get together and have fun. At competitions, our distinctive wolf hats make us all easily recognizable as part of the Techno Wolves’ pack.

What advice/tips do you have for teams for this upcoming season? 

The build and competition seasons can get pretty intense and stressful. You might feel overwhelmed by all of the information you have to learn, all the technology you have to try out, all the tasks that need to get done. If you’re ever feeling the weight of the world, just take a second and reflect on what you’re doing. We’re high school students funding, building, wiring, and programming full-scale robots. Every now and then, let yourself relax and enjoy the moment. Don’t be afraid to have fun! Above all else, embrace the spirit of gracious professionalism. It’s a great mental attitude, not just for robotics, but for your entire life.

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