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Tuesday, November 20, 2018
By FIRST North Carolina
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Thank you!

We all receive a slew of thank you emails at this time of year - to the point of saturation.  And I often wonder if there is a real person behind most of those emails.  Rest assured that this blog is different and coming directly from me to you.

Thank you...

For sharing your passions, hopes and dreams with me and those around you.  You give me the inspiration to keep doing the work to make sure you and your peers have every opportunity to explore your  STEM interests and to grow as leaders.

For showing us all the power of FIRST to make a positive change in the world, one student, one robot, one degree and one job at a time. Thanks for starting to solve so many of the world's toughest challenges with your creativity and compassion.

Mentors and Coaches,
For your dedication, expertise and patience.  You are the spark that makes it all shine so much brighter.  You are tireless and kind.  You are the most amazing role models for your students and for other mentors.

For your unflagging commitment and countless hours.  Because of your unselfish dedication, teams have an amazing celebration of their talents and ingenuity. You are the unsung heroes of each and every event.

For believing in your children.  You make it possible for them to build a team that builds a robot when others would rather sleep in.  Thanks for feeding their endless appetites for food and knowledge.

Donors and Sponsors,
For making it all possible.  Your financial support is critical in providing the infrastructure and resources needed to build a stronger pipeline for your future workforce. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you all do each and every day,week, month and season!

FIRST North Carolina

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