Team Spotlight: FRC 3229 - Hawktimus Prime
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Tuesday, January 08, 2019
By FIRST North Carolina
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Team Spotlight

FRC Team 3229 - Hawktimus Prime

This month we shine the spotlight on FRC  3229, Hawktimus Prime. Based in Holly Springs, this team is the host site for one of the upcoming FRC District Qualifying Events.

Tell us about your team.

Hawktimus Prime is a growing team with 16 leadership positions and around 50+ members this  season. We were founded and made our home in Holly Springs, NC at Holly Springs High School. Our team reaches out to and works with our local community for members and opportunities to spread FIRSTideals.

What has been a highlight for your team over the years?

Hawktimus Prime started competing in 2010. It took our team several years to become more competitive. Two years ago we qualified for the State Championship and won! We then went on to compete in the FIRSTChampionship in Houston. This was a major improvement for our team! A definite highlight for us was repeating our success in the Power Up season and being the first North Carolina FRC team to win two State Championships in two consecutive years.

Tell us about one struggle your team has overcome and how you did so.

Improving communication within our team. We overcame this issue with cross-team communication, which included a number of things:
1. Having a set leadership structure
2. Creating a shared google drive
3. Scheduled leadership meetings to ensure sub-teams were            talking
All of these made sure everyone working on the robot was aware of what others were doing. Planning ahead and collaboration has greatly influenced our growth and has lead to our successes in competition.

What words of wisdom would you give to a rookie team?

If we were to pass any advice onto a rookie team, we would emphasize the importance of communication. Communication within a team (or maybe even with other FRC teams) is important to relay ideas and plans so everyone can work harmoniously together to be proud of the end result.

What does FIRSTmean to you and your team?

FIRST is a wonderful experience for us. This organization has provided the possibility for Hawktimus Prime's students to fully explore the world of STEM in an encouraging and competitive environment. We have been able to meet wonderful people who have inspired us in the areas of math and science and peers who share the same passions. We at Hawktimus Prime share an overwhelming appreciation for the people in FIRSTwho have made all this possible.


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